Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Want to see something?

Ok, time for some knitting content on here! I have been slowwwwwly working on the socks I started while on holiday. I like the colour and I like the Slipped Stitch pattern (from Knitting Sensational Socks by Charlene Schurch) but I'm not really sure they marry up well. I'm not going to rip them, though. Too much effort wasted - it seems to take me ages to knit a pair of socks. I really don't know how some folk can churn out a pair of socks in just a few days!

It would be nice if there was a real choice in sock yarn here. Apart from Opal, which is available fairly widely now, there only seems to be dull, boring mens-type colours around. Or is the real problem the local shops around my area? Yes, there is a huge selection available at the click of my mouse button but the cost of shipping is fairly high. I have bought yarn from Elann (who can resist??) a couple of times but I would go bankrupt if I did that too often! At least the sock yarn in my stash will last quite a while at the rate I knit socks (or anything, for that matter!) so I shouldn't be moaning.

I have been making a real attempt at sitting down at my spinning wheel most days, if only for a little while. The consequences of this are a tiny little bit of spinning up on the soy silk/merino blend I bought a few months back.

Not much to show for my efforts but, in my defence, it is being spun fairly fine. For the more technically-minded it is somewhere in the vicinity of 40 wpi. I just checked. I intend to navajo-ply it when I have finally spun all 100 gms (this may take a lifetime!) so it may end up being around 12-13 wpi. Does this sound about right? Unless I decide that I do want to punish myself enough to knit with it as a two-ply at around 20 wpi.

So that is it as far as my craft-efforts go. Unless, of course, you count the meeting on Monday. That was craft-related. I must write up the minutes today, too. Darn.

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