Tuesday, July 06, 2010

TDF - Day Three

Day Three
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After and before shots (left and right respectively). If you look really, really closely you can see the difference. Will this bobbin ever be full?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Tour Days One and Two

Slowly, slowly wins the race - so the saying goes, but will it get all my wool spun? The first two days of the Tour de Fleece have started out rather slowly for me due to family commitments (how often do your Father and Uncle turn 85? You can't say, no, I can't come to the celebratory lunch as I'm busy spinning, now, can you?). Winter isn't really my favourite time for spinning, either as I prefer to spin in daylight - the light is better - and there just isn't as much of it in winter. Time management problems there, really. I just need to juggle things around a little. Enough of that, on to what I did accomplish!

On Day One I focused on the hand combed, hand dyed mystery wool. I found that I only had one bobbin already spun so I was able to begin on a fresh bobbin. I didn't spin up a whole bobbin's worth, but then that is a fair bit of spinning on a Majacraft bobbin! You can see below what I did manage.

Day Two was the even shorter day for spinning in which I spun up a little more of the merino dyed by Jan Gibb. Before and after photos, if you look closely, show a little progress on the bobbin.

I think I've broken Blogger - it doesn't seem to want to add my photos! If I can't get them up any time soon, look on Ravelry (my name is KathyR).

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Let the Tour Begin!

Tour de Fleece 2010 begins today - my goal is to spin up as much of the fibre in the picture as I can. Time will tell what I can accomplish.
Let the Fleece be with you!