Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goodbye sweet friend

In Loving Memory of


June 2003 – 14 February 2007

Sadly, I can't find a photo of my little sweetheart but I will keep looking. She was a mini-lop rabbit (the one with the floppy ears) and was given to me by my daughter for my birthday in 2003 (as far as I can work out).
We didn't have a cage for her at the beginning as she was a surprise present so Libby lived on the kitchen floor for a few days. That may seem gross to some but it was the only hard floor we had that could be kept secure and relatively bunny-friendly. That is where dangerous gaps and electrical cords could be eliminated. At night I would catch her and pop her in her box for her own safety.
She was never a cuddly bunny - it got increasingly difficult to catch her at night - but she was so soft and cute! Then she grew up. Not being overly friendly meant that I sported toothmarks in my fingers on occasions. But I always forgave her. She wasn't the first rabbit we had looked after but I never realised that bunnies can growl and hiss - until I met Libby! She was funny when she did that. As long as you got your fingers out of the way quickly enough. I soon learned - do not play with the food!
I'm not exactly sure why she died yesterday but she was still warm when I found her. Probably the one time I could give her a cuddle without a struggle.
Goodbye Libby. I love you.

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Bess said...

My sincere sympathy. Nothing hurts like loosing a friend.