Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"...Show me a garden that's bursting into life."

No prizes for guessing where that quote comes from but maybe someone knows? Yes, Spring is officially here although I maintain it was here two or three weeks ago. I have seen daffodils, hebe, camellias, primulas and muscari flowering in my extremely unkempt garden (I would love to be a real gardener but can't seem to "get into it"!) as well as blossom on other people's trees. The weeds are growing, too, so the garden really is bursting into life now.

Instead of getting the garden tamed, my spinning wheel has been busy recently and I think that I have finally spun and 3-plied enough of the Gotland to knit a jersey for my DearlyBeloved for his birthday in late November. If you can see the figure on the scale in the photo you will see that the yarn weighs 1.240kg - enough, surely?

On the knitting front, the Cul-de-Sac vest is slowly making progress and I am ready to decrease at the armhole (armscye?). I've been lazy, recently (when am I not?), and haven't been working on it every day/night but just when I feel like it, hence my lack of real progress. I have lengthened the side from the pattern as I don't particularly like my garments to be too short but I still think I will be happier wearing it over a longer shirt. Time will tell.

Now that I have finished the spinning for the Gotland jersey I am carrying on with the merino/soy silk blend I was spinning ages ago. I am spinning it fairly fine so it, too, seems interminable. I have 100gm of this and have spun up about 47gm (I weighed it to make sure it was divided evenly into two - there is much more on the bobbin than the photo shows).

While spinning yesterday I had a thought about what I could do with it (are you like that, spin something with nothing particular in mind?). I'm not sure, yet, but I have been reading Nancy Bush's Folk Knitting in Estonia (one of my "hurt book" purchases from Interweave recently) and have been inspired by some of her patterns. Maybe this will be a little fine, though. Only time, and finishing the yarn, will tell. I must say, though, that I really have enjoyed reading this book. Some of the cast ons are quite attractive and I really like the braiding. Such a pity that our weather doesn't really require the wearing of mittens very often.


Beverley said...

Yes! Well my garden is rather over grown as well and now with spring taking a jump start and having just hurt my back I can just about sit and watch the weeds grow.

I should think that would be enough yarn, lovely silvery grey.

Cheers >^..^<

Kris said...

I have truly enjoyed your blog. Keep up the great work. When you get a chance check out my blog for an award.

Catherynne said...

Those are lyrics from Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars'. Love that song. And now y'know :-)

Stumbled across your lovely blog while Googling 'Dartmoor Dyeing', would you believe - something you did way back in 2006! Our Creative Fibre group ( just had a fun time doing this project on the weekend.