Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's soft and colourful and in the "zoo"?

I haven't yet shown you what I bought from TradeMe recently so here goes:
On the left you can see 50gm of glitz in the Winter colourway. Very pretty colours and so shiny - but...I think it will be a pain to spin as it is full of static and is flyaway just like angora. Soft, though.

And to the right is another 50gm of glitz this time in the Autumn colourway. So many colours in this.

And, finally, another 50 gm of glitz. This last one is in the Summer colourway and is very similar to the Autumn one. If I had known how similar the colours were I perhaps wouldn't have bought both of these. But no worries.

Now is the fun part! What to do with them??? I have seen glittery fibres before which you sort of lay in as you spin the base fibre. But would you do that with these? As you can see they are in a roving form. Taking bunches of fibres out and laying them with a base fibre would probably destroy all semblance of colour progression and may lose the colouring altogether. Wouldn't it?

Splitting the roving lengthwise would be problematic in itself with the flyaway nature of the fibre but, I guess, would be doable. Would there be enough here to do anything with this way?

Hmmm...lots of questions. Any answers? In the meantime this fibre will sit in my "petting zoo" - well, not really as it is in ziplock bags. Too flyaway to pet too often!


Stell said...

a yarn petting zoo, what a great term for stash, i think i need some inhabitants in mine that are more tactile just like the fibre you have.


Robin said...

Love those colors!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog and Happy Birthday to your Tim as well!

JoanM said...

Those colours are so beautiful. I don't think I would have what it takes to be a spinner. Thanks for the lovely comment about my baby shawl