Saturday, January 27, 2007

If I lay here...?

I love that song (the one played on Gray's Anatomy) but I can never remember the actual title or artist! Never mind, but it is kind of appropriate for today as I am sitting here with my leg propped up on a chair. Most uncomfortable as it is my right leg and my computer desk works better with the left leg propped up. Ask me how I know!

The reason? Tuesday morning I woke up and noticed my right shin was a little itchy as if I had an insect bite. Not again, I thought. For the last two or three years, every January like clockwork, I have had an insect/spider bite on my lower leg (till now, the left one) to which I reacted badly. The first year I couldn't wear a shoe for a month! It appears to be the same this year although the bite mark is not so obvious this time. A trip to the doctor, then the hospital (the joys of living in a rural area are travelling 30 mins (45 km) to the nearest hospital so that the results are available quickly) for a blood test to rule out a clot. No clot, but possible cellulitis. So it is antibiotics for me with instructions to stay off my leg and keep it propped up as much as possible. A perfect opportunity to knit - if I could only decide what to do! As soon as I divide up the bal of Opal I have in mindI will cast on for another pair of socks.

I have had several emails from K - she is fine, has found another hostel in London to stay in for a week or two (too expensive to stay there too long) as is enjoying seeing the sites. She has applied for a job or two but is feeling a little discriminated against when trying for supermarket-type jobs. It seems most grocery people there are Indian or Pakistani and she was told there was no job for her there. This was when they had a job vacancy sign out! Never mind - she would probably be better living, and working, out of London anyway.

Thanks, Bess, for your comment about the scarf! The photo definitely do the scarf any justice but I really liked it too! So warm and cosy and really quite easy to make. I am tempted to make one for me as well!

Sorry there are no photos today. I tried to take some of the Comet McNaught which we have been able to see on clear evenings, but they didn't come out. A pity as it is really quite interesting. Amazing to think we can see a ball of ice and dust which is hurtling through space so far, far away. We are told the tail alone is several million kilometres long! You may have to be satisfied with this photo from the Waikato Times. I couldn't find a link to our local paper.

So, until next, take care!

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