Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shall we play...spot the difference?

After my last post I couldn't stop thinking about my sock - should I carry on as it was or should I rip it?

Can you tell what I did?  No, I haven't ripped...yet.  I tried knitted a small sample of the pattern (this time correctly, i.e. including row 3 this time - who knew what a difference that would make!) and found that it was, indeed, slightly quicker to knit and looked a lot better.  More defined.  So, with a huge sigh, I cast on from the outside of my ball of yarn leaving the original sock intact.  Just in case.  But I like the new sock.  In 6 days, or less, I am about up to where I was with the original sock (the heel flap).  When I have finished this one, I will rip the first sock back to the top of the ribbing and reknit it correctly - and be much happier for it.

I'm not certain that I will be finishing any time soon, though.  I am expecting a parcel of wool any day now. Yes, I know, anyone looking in my stash cupboard would wonder why I needed more yarn - but I did!  This is for a special little someone (well two someones, actually) who is having a 4th birthday early next month.  I have decided to knit her (and her young cousin who is turning 2 the following month) an Olearia cardigan with short sleeves and plain lower body.  I think I will be busy!  Why do I always do this to myself? 

The yarn?  The Little Wool Company perendale in cyclamen for the pink-loving older grandgirl and raspberry for the little one.  Crossing my fingers it will be reasonably soft as I haven't used this wool before.  Seemed good value and nice colours, both of which I wanted.  If I bought yarn from a store in town I would've been paying at least twice as much.  Knitting may not have been part of their birthday presents, then.  (please don't say I could have spun the wool - neither child has caregivers I am prepared to give up handspun yarn to, unfortunately.  Why do so many young (and not-so-young) people these days think that hand washing is to difficult/time consuming or not necessary?)

So, as they say, watch this space!

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besshaile said...

Oh - I do like the 'correct' pattern better than the plain. Of course - you could knit coordinating socks and after a few washings who would even notice the ribs are different. (You see how lazy I can be) Besides = that blue is so pretty who will notice stitch patterns?

signed: Evil Enabler.