Sunday, January 02, 2011

Catching up on what I've been doing...

Surprise!  I'm back again!  Don't get too used to this but enjoy it while it lasts.  I thought that I had better get caught up on what I've been working on over the past while. 

I can't remember if I mentioned that I joined the Vintage Purls Knit-Along on Ravelry a few months ago (October?) but if I didn't, now you know.  I chose to knit the Geodesic Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio using VP lace in the Saag Alloo colourway.  As you  can see I have knit the whole body (it is knit all in one with false seams - seems to take ages but at least there isn't any sewing up at the end) complete with pleats up the front.

Next up are the sleeves.  These are started with a provisional cast on under the arm and knitted upwards to the top of the sleeve cap.  The sleeve cap is then sewn into the armscye, the stitches from the provisional cast on picked up and the sleeve knitted down from there.  Simple to say, however...  I have knitted the first sleeve cap but have stalled on sewing it into the armscye.  Sewing up has never been my forte and the laceweight, at this gauge is particularly challenging for me.  The cardigan has been in time out since the end of November.  I must finish it before the warm weather disappears!

While I was not thinking about Geodesic, I was wanting to knit on Something, Anything else.  Something that would suit what I had in stash.  Something that was not laceweight.  I searched Ravelry for days and came up with the Central Park Hoodie using the polwarth I had spun up a while back. 

While I liked the idea of a jacket, I felt that a jersey/sweater would be more useful to me and my lifestyle so I did a little more research and found two or three sweaters on Ravelry using this pattern.  A little sampling (yes, I do sample when the need arises and handspun definitely requires it) later and I was casting on for my sweater in the round.  Yes, no seams to sew up!

I was a little concerned that the cables wouldn't show up very well in the variegated colouring of the yarn, but I don't think it is too bad.  There aren't many cables and they are simple ones to boot.  I have knitted up to the armholes where I split the front main cable in two and worked the first side of the front in the flat.  The front is now up to the point where I need to decide on the neckline decreasing - something for me to concentrate on this evening.

The other craftwork I did recently, was to make three little felted shoulder bags for our little Grandgirls as last-minute Christmas presents.  Unfortunately, they were so last minute (I was hastily putting finishing touches to them on Christmas morning and they were still slightly damp even then!) that I only have a photo of one of them - which it looks as if you may have to wait until tomorrow to see as Blogger isn't letting me upload another photo!  So, until then...enjoy your day!

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