Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Look What the Postman Brought Me!

Yay! I like the postman - sometimes. Saturday was a good day for me as the postman brought me a present - to me, from me! I do like that kind as you know that you will like what you get. And I DID like what I got!

This is what I found when I opened the box. Not just the book I had ordered from Marsha White at the Needle Arts Book Shop (all wrapped carefully in brown paper and tied with pretty ribbons!), but also a "from the library of..." sticker as well as a little surprise packet! What was in it? See here...

A little sample skein of Grand Merino - 100% merino wool mde by Puppy Yarns in a lovely dark, chocolatey brown. Soft, too.

And the book? Guernsey and Aran Sweaters. All in Japanese but the graphs have all the info I need. I think. It is a beautiful book with simply gorgeous photographs of the garments. Unusual to see writeups of the history of guernsey and aran sweaters in Japanese!

If you are looking for needle art-type books, I would recommend that you try Marsha's site. I'm not affiliated - just a very happy customer passing on a recommendation!

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