Thursday, February 07, 2008


An air of expectancy has been hovering over our home during the past two weeks and is now gripping us all with its tenacious hold. Every time a cell phone announces an incoming text or call everyone looks up with questioning eyes. "Is it the time, yet?" And the disappointingly negative reply is met with sighs.

The reason for our fixation? Our youngest son and his partner are expecting our third grandchild who was supposed, according to modern technology, to have made an appearance two weeks ago! But, like all babies, this one has her own timetable. An induction was set for this morning, however all the midwives in the small local-to-them hospital are ill today. Another appointment for induction has been made for tomorrow at the city hospital an hour away (two and a half hours from us). At the examination this morning, R was 2 cm dilated and had a contraction, unfelt by her, while attached to the monitor so maybe today will be the day after all. Meanwhile, we all go through the motions of the day hoping to hear the good news at any time.

Knitting? Yes, I have two FOs to report as well as another started. Pictures? No time right now, next time.

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