Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some progress

I cast on something new again this weekend - a pair of Pocketbook Slippers for K. Winter is coming on there and I want to know that she has something warm and cosy to put on when she finishes work. The Christmas surface mail is due this coming Saturday hence the quick knit. There is still something more I want to add to her parcel but time will tell if I can get that done. Sorry about the lousy photo - the lighting was dreadful and I'm not searching for a better position at the moment. The actual yarn is a little less electric looking, but still rather bright! Medium blue, turquoise, magenta and purple variegated. Fine for slippers but not something I would wear in any larger amounts! It is actually a mohair boucle - so wasn't the easiest to knit with. The seams still need to be sewn and the buttons attached. When that has been done I will try and get a better photo if I have time.

I started another sample for the Baby Cabled Jacket this time doing a corrugated rib. I'm still not certain I like it - I guess that is why it is still sitting next to me on the computer table untouched for several days. This photo shows the colours really badly, too. The violet-blue shows here as much more denimy than it really is. The pink is also not as red as in this photo. I may try a third time (isn't three times meant to be the charm?) and cast on with the pink then go straight into the blue. Maybe that is all that will be needed. We are going to Ashb on Thursday for our son's 21st (yes my baby will be 21!!!) so I will take my efforts up there for their approval - or not. After all, it is their baby the jacket is for.

The weather here has finally packed up after quite a good run of nice, warm weather. It is supposed to rain for the next 3 days so maybe I will be able to get a little more knitting done without feeling guilty for not getting work done in the garden. Spinning is calling too - I really do want to get that coloured roving finished and out of the way.


shelleyplatt said...

Are you going to knit any of those diaper covers? I was just reading about the benefits of wool for this today.
Very nice swatch there on the Baby Cabled Jacket!

KathyR said...

Hi Shelley! I haven't actually thought about diaper covers as they really aren't a big thing over here and I'm not sure what my son and his partner would think of them. But all the great benefits of wool is the reason why I think it is so important for babies to be dressed in it. Unless, of course, there is a family history of wool allergy.

Stell said...

Hi, thanks for stopping in, Barbara Paley is an american, californian native, this was her 2nd trip, she comes here every 18 months, and taught this in wellington and alex. the alex one was lined up when she decided on a previous trip to meet the women who made touch yarns. She plans to be back in 18 months and is working on a varition for us who took the class. It was advertised in Creative fiber. When do you need some one? Lorna H - is our local leader and knitter extrodonaire at the local knitters study group of the spinners and weavers, she teaches around otago and would do lace, or colour work or Andean hats or edgings as she has done with us this year? Please do tell me what you set up, I'm a keen learner about things knitterly or spinnerly.